How to Share Your Classified on Social Media

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Looking for a simple way to expand the reach of your classified listing? Here’s how to boost your post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It’s simple, effective  . . . and it just takes a few seconds. Check out this 2 minute video tutorial:

No time to watch the video? Just visit your classified detail page and scroll down until you see these social sharing buttons:


Just click on the buttons to share your listing on your favorite social media site. It’s that simple! With a couple of clicks you’ll extend the reach of your listing and increase the number of potential buyers who will see your listing.

I Need to Edit or Cancel My Classified

You can easily modify, pause, mark items as sold, or delete your listings by using ‘My Dashboard’ on Villages4sale. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in to Villages4sale by clicking on the ‘Log In’ link at the top of any page.
2. Now click on the ‘My Dashboard’ link at the top of the page.

3. In your list of classifieds, click the icon to edit, delete, or pause your classified. (You also have the option to ‘Mark as Sold,’ which will leave the classified online but mark it as sold. You might wish to use this option if you are likely to have another, similar item to sell in the future.)


Still need help? Click if you are having trouble logging into your account, or click to contact us.

Tagging Ads with Keywords

The following guidelines for tagging ads with keywords will help you sell your stuff faster:

  • separate tags with a comma
  • a tag should almost never be more than two or three words
  • tag with both specific and general words like “swimming pool” and “pool”
  • use singular rather than plural (leave off the “s” at the end) unless its necessary for a word like “parts” or “plants” or you would normally search for the plural form
  • don’t use punctuation
  • always tag breed, brand, make, model, & features that are likely to appear in other ads
  • limit to about 3 to 5 tags
  • don’t tag common words that aren’t specific to your item
  • capitalize the first letter of proper names and brands
  • double-check your spelling
  • don’t use all caps unless it’s an acronym
  • also tag abbreviations such as “VW” for “Volkswagen”
  • tag with “wanted” if you are looking to buy something
  • tag with “trade” if you are willing to trade
  • tag with “free” only if the item is truly free without having to buy anything else
  • don’t repeat the category in the tags
  • tag colors, materials, etc.
  • don’t tag locations if you have already entered them in a location field
  • tag sub-categories like “trailer”, “5th-wheel”, “camper”, “motorhome” unless you have already selected them in another field
  • don’t tag with “Villages” (the whole site is the Villages area)

5 Ways to Sell Smarter in The Villages Classifieds

March 13, 2014 News


Sell your stuff in The Villages, Florida on Villages4sale. Photo: IstockPhoto

Sell your stuff in The Villages, Florida on Villages4sale. Photo: IstockPhoto

Whether you’re selling your home, car or just clearing out your garage, our new Villages classifieds give you a way to easily reach thousands of potential buyers each month. Posting a classified is simple, and just takes a minute.

But if you spend just a few minutes more, you can dramatically improve your opportunity to get your item sold fast. At USA4SALE, we’ve published online classifieds for more than 15 years and here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. Pictures make a difference. The first classifieds published in America appeared in the Boston News-Letter in 1704. Back then no one had an iPhone, so it’s understandable that photos weren’t part of the picture. Today, a classified ad without a photo is far less likely to draw attention. Take a few extra minutes to make sure you take a photo in good light and without distracting backgrounds.
  2. Write a good title. Most people don’t “read” classified ads, they scan them. So make sure your headline is informative and attention grabbing. Your title is also what will appear in  search results on Google, be sure to include those details that are likely to invite someone to click.
  3. Don’t make people guess the price. If you’re offering something for sale, include an asking price. If it’s firm, say so. If you’re willing to negotiate, let buyers know you’re willing to take your price or the best offer. But don’t make people guess. They won’t.
  4. Share your ad on social media. On Villages4sale (as well as other USA4SALE sites) we offer easy social sharing buttons on your ad detail page. Click on these buttons to instantly share your listing with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites. Not only will you get the added benefit of possibly selling to a friend, you’ll also improve your chances of your listing appearing higher in search results.
  5. Opt for the premium placement. Classifieds on our sites are free for private sellers in most categories. But if you want to stand out from the crowd of sellers, one easy way to do it is to pay a few bucks for premium placement. That extra exposure can make the difference and help make the sale.

Ready to get selling? Post your classified in the Villages.